About the Grant

$35,000 to support The Throne of Blood Project (MAP 2008), a collaboration between the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and Ping Chong and Company to develop an interdisciplinary theatre work based on Akira Kurosawa’s film masterpiece THRONE OF BLOOD.

About the Project

THRONE OF BLOOD transposes Shakespeare’s MACBETH to medieval Japan through the prism of Noh theatre. It is an unsparingly honest vision of human nature in times of crisis. While maintaining stylistic references to Noh, Ping Chong evokes the ritualistic pageantry of THRONE OF BLOOD on stage through ensemble acting, choral movement and an elaborate multi-media production concept using images, music and sound effects from the original film. Over the course of the action, contemporary scenic elements are introduced to underscore the timeliness of the story. The production features a multi-ethnic cast of eighteen actors from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival acting company, scenery by Oregon Shakespeare Festival associate artistic director Christopher Acebo and lighting and costuming designed by frequent Ping Chong collaborators Darren McCroom and Stefani Mar.

2010 marks the centennial of the birth of Akira Kurosawa. This production is the first stage adaptation of THRONE OF BLOOD authorized by the Kurosawa estate. THRONE OF BLOOD premieres in 2010 as part of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s 75th anniversary season.

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