About the Grant

$23,000 to support Juggernaut Theatre’s OH WHAT WAR (MAP 2008), a music/theater/video mash-up inspired by the historic multi-media work OH WHAT A LOVELY WAR--Joan Littlewood’s 1963 production that used popular song, clowning, and visual projection to chronicle the folly and atrocity of WW1. The characters are drawn from a WW1 legend that imagined a band of deserters living under the battlefield in No Man's Land, stuck between enemy lines. From this underground command center, positioned both inside and outside the conflict, the characters perform a wartime cabaret, a flagrant fantasy of disobedience, that zeros in on the great war machine that holds us captive.

About the Project

OH WHAT WAR is an original Juggernaut Theatre production conceived and directed by Mallory Catlett in collaboration writer Jason Craig, musical director and composer Lisa Dove, production designer Peter Ksander and video designer Zbigniew Bzymek. As artists, working in this seemingly endless time of war, they have found political kinship with these deserters stuck between enemy lines, waiting it out.

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