About the Grant

$40,000 to support THE LILY’S REVENGE (MAP 2008), a new work by Taylor Mac which uses flowers as a metaphor for queer (meaning different, not simply gay) communities to tell the story of a self-uprooted lily, on a quest to destroy the modern tool for oppression -- nostalgia. This play, inspired by the themes and structure of Japanese Noh theatre, is part two of Taylor’s Armageddon series exploring an ever-growing homogeneity (his play RED TIDE BLOOMING was part I).

About the Project

In LILY, Taylor Mac and an ensemble of over 40 performers and musicians, employ puppets, elaborate costume designs, super-8 projections, live music, and vaudevillian theatrics to explore how our national pastime has become oppressive melancholy remembrances of what never was. THE LILY’S REVENGE is performed over the course of five hours (including dinner and act breaks), premiering at the HERE Arts Center in the fall of 2009. Four different New York City based ensembles (a puppet ensemble, an acting ensemble, a dance ensemble, and a circus ensemble) execute the first four acts and the final act is a collaboration between the four companies, incorporating all the previous elements and every performer.

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