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$20,000 to support TERRIBLE THINGS (MAP 2008), in which the collaborative team of Katie Pearl and Lisa D'Amour use stories from Katie's life, principles borrowed from particle physics, and a shifting "set" of 600 marshmallows to explore the utopian ideal of boundary-less togetherness.

About the Project

Boundary-less togetherness: a naïve desire to get at the heart of what theater is for?  Yes.  An attempt to unpack existence on the sub-atomic level? Yes.  An urge on the part of character "Katie Pearl" to transcend her own bounded reality and escape from the terrible things she's done in her life?  Yes, Yes, Yes. The performance is shaped as a quasi-scientific experiment designed to turn the entire audience into Katie. As Katie embarks on the experiment, she seems not to notice the endless numbers of marshmallows, moved about by five women, that are shifting shapes on the black floor and bare walls of the theater around her. They bounce and morph like particles, like potential energy, moving sometimes into odd illustrations, other times into abstract after-glow traces of her movement.  The women who move them shift as well, becoming doubles of the Katie that exists now, versions of the Katie that might exist in a parallel universe, and extensions of the Katie she wishes she had become.  Zooming in and out of the molecules that make up Katie's body and memory, TERRIBLE THINGS attempts to transport an audience-- if only for a moment-- to a universe where the lines between wonderful and terrible, micro and macro, and you and the person sitting next to you no longer exist. This new performance is created in collaboration with choreographer Emily Johnson.

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