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$25,000 to support director John Malpede's Degrees of Freedom (MAP 2007), a site-specific and participatory theater event about intellectual property laws and the scientists, software engineers, and lawyers who fight to sustain an open, creative climate for all kinds of knowledge production.

About the Project

Los Angeles-based performer and director John Malpede first visited the Center for Advanced Visual Studies at MIT in April 2006 to talk about his work and show documentation of his recent project RFK in EKY. He returned twice in Fall 2006 to meet with software engineers, lawyers, librarians, and others at MIT who are innovative advocates for keeping access to information free and keeping the creative climate creative. The thinking and advocacy behind the GNU-Linux free software operating system and the GNU license; Creative Commons, which has extended the development of alternative licensing concepts for applicability to all artistic genres; and OpenCourseWare, which makes all of MIT’s curricular materials available for free online are examples of the alternative models encouraging the exchange of ideas and creative community that have come from MIT. During his 2008 residency Malpede will mobilize people on campus possibly including the thinkers themselves to script and perform a theater piece based on these ideas. Malpede writes: “My project for the Center allows me to explore concerns important to creative artists with thinkers from other disciplines such as science, engineering, and law, working with their passion and their creative culture and its history to make a piece that explores the necessary conditions for cultural vitality.”

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