About the Grant

$35,000 to support Roman Paska's Beethoven in Camera (MAP 2007), a new work which focuses on both actual and potential interrelationships between the projected image (moving or still) and the puppet as a "live" performance presence. 

About the Project

The Dead Puppet Project continues both the structural and thematic explorations of its inaugural Dead Puppet Talk in this second phase of the Project, working title Beethoven in Camera, which focuses on relationships between projected images and the puppet as a "live" performance presence.

With actor-dancers, films, an extensive soundscape and a distinctive style of puppetry that continues past experiments with the original adaptation of traditional, predominantly Asian, puppet techniques, Dead Puppet continues exploring new variations on the theme of communication versus perception, in this case the precarious link between hearing and understanding.

In the spirit of Roman Paska’s early “little mental dramas,” the piece is conceived as a glimpse into the workings of the mind of a central narrator-puppeteer or "Puppet Fabulist,” who, accompanied by an ensemble of “Puppet Minders” reminiscent of the trio of “Puppet Walkers” in Dead Puppet Talk, acts out crucial moments in a journey through an imaginary netherworld on the part of one of a number of puppet characters in search of a missing other.

Created and directed by Roman Paska and propelled by a live mix soundtrack, the piece will subtly oscillate between a projected world of “external” reality and the inner world of the Fabulist, his puppets and the Puppet Minders onstage.
Photo by Nick Mangafas
Photo by Nick Mangafas


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