About the Grant

$20,000 to support David Neumann, Hal Hartley and Will Eno's Tough, the Tough (MAP 2004), a dance connecting interior experience and daily navigations through the world at large.

About the Project

“I’m always looking for ways to dance the brain, my brain out in the open. Certainly an improbable if not impossible endeavor, the challenge keeps me returning to the studio to fail more spectacularly.” – David Neumann

Tough, the Tough is a multi-disciplinary dance-based work created by David Neumann in collaboration with acclaimed filmmaker, Hal Hartley and award-winning playwright, Will Eno. Neumann, along with six other performers, will premiere the piece at Danspace Project at St. Mark’s Church April 14-17, 2005.

Tough, the Tough strips us down while embodying imaginary connections between mind and body, person with culture. Tough animates scenes from more elusive, internal locations with our unpredictably gravity-defiant bodies. Articulated in space through gesture, proximity and language, Tough, the Tough is a journey on the continuum between one’s inner life and one’s external articulations: inadequate, brave and remote.

A layered dance which embraces other performance disciplines, Tough, the Tough is a physical mind speaking in tongues, running on two legs, pouring forth from the painful places one finds difficult to describe with just words. Use your senses I say, lose your senses! Tough, the Tough is a performance; one has to BE there.

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