About the Grant

$35,000 to support the development of DEUS EX MACHINA (MAP 2007), a new dance work by choreographer Sarah Michelson in collaboration with Parker Lutz and Dominic Cullinan, featuring Richard Maxwell, Mike Iveson, and Jodi Melnick.

About the Project

Deus Ex Machina, a new musical performance work created by choreographer Sarah Michelson in collaboration with designer Parker Lutz and architect Dominic Cullinan, and featuring Richard Maxwell, Mike Iveson, Jodi Melnick and an international ensemble of young dancers.

Deus Ex Machina w
ill be set in Arabia and will be loosely related to the story of the Arabian Knights. The exoticism of the stage and of the Disney Arabia will be tackled at the core of the visual design concepts for the show.

The set will be built with the intention of creating an observatory, and the performance will work both to be a forceful entertainment enterprise and a forced study of each individual girl. This new work hopes to address - how performers develop, how they become who they are on stage, how theatrical influence and history leaves its mark, how trends change us, how classical ideas develop now.

The project is co-commissioned by Chapter Arts, Cardiff, Wales; The Kitchen, New York, NY; and Springdance, Utrecht, Netherlands.


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