About the Grant

$20,000 to support Reframe the Framework DDD (DanceDocuDrama) (MAP 2007), a new experimental dance work by performance artist Yasuko Yokoshi in collaboration with teenagers from the U.S. and Japan. Over a two-year period they will research, experiment and play with idea and methods that postmodern American choreographer David Gordon employed to make ""Framework"", a work created in 1983.

About the Project

Reframe the Framework DDD is an experimental dance project conceived and conducted by choreographer/performance artist Yasuko Yokoshi. Reframe the Framework DDD is a collaboration with teenagers in Vermont that involves research into the transformation and progression of postmodern dance, particularly through the work of David Gordon’s “Framework.” The project rigorously challenges the notion of dance creation and by extension explores how culture, art and history are transferred, transgressed and reinvented.

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