About the Grant

$15,000 to support La Nostalgia Remix (MAP 2007) a new performance work by Guillermo Gomez-Pena in collaboration with Native American conceptual/performance artist James Luna.

About the Project

Revisiting their mid-1990s performance series "The Shame-Man Meets El Mexican't", La Pocha Nostra artistic director Guillermo Gómez-Peña will develop a new performance work, La Nostalgia Remix, with Native American conceptual/performance artist James Luna. The concept for the piece is that two aging shamans, a Native American and a Mexican, extreme performance artists who have resorted to becoming lounge entertainers, decide to share their act on stage in an attempt to jumpstart a new religion for cultural outsiders. The temples for this new phony religion are the lounge bars where they perform. When examining aging in a youth-oriented culture, the lounge as a setting provides an ironic comment from the perspectives of two cultures that revere their elders but are being increasingly overtaken by Western culture, thus eroding the wisdom of the ages. The spirit of the project will be influenced by the Italian romantic pop music of Pablo Conte. Gómez-Peña will write the literary script while Luna will conceive the visuals, the music and the staging notes. Both will perform live. This evening-length work is slated to premiere in San Francisco in February 2008.

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