About the Grant

$45,000 to support Thin Air (MAP 2007), a new evening-length work by choreographer Donna Uchizono for four dancers, with an original score by composer Fred Frith and in collaboration with video artist Michael Casselli and lighting designer Jane Shaw.

About the Project

Choreographer Donna Uchizono’s fascination with how our sense of reality is shaped by our perceptions is the point of departure for Thin Air. The collaborative team features dancers Hristoula Harakas, Antonio Ramos and Julie Alexander, an original score by the iconic composer Fred Frith; video by artist Michael Casselli and lighting
by Jane Shaw.

Uchizono’s interest in theories of true reality began with her studies of Buddhist theory 6 years ago. Though raised Protestant (the daughter of a Methodist Minister), she is currently taking a yearlong course on emptiness with Kadam Morten, NY’s renowned Kadamapa Buddhist scholar, challenging her own perceptions of reality.

Drawing source material from her Buddhist studies of "emptiness" as well as concepts of quantum physics, the explorations physicalize the effects that differing perceptions of reality have on states of being. Thin Air juxtaposes projected images and shifting soundscapes with the visceral power of dance's physical reality, emphasizing the emotional power of “real” physical contact and intimacy.

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