About the Grant

$30,000 to support SURRENDER (MAP 2007), a multi-form, travelling, site-specific theater piece written and directed by Josh Fox.

About the Project

International WOW Company artistic director Josh Fox will work in collaboration with dramaturg Morgan Jenness and recently returned Iraq War Veteran and author Jason Hartley to create a performance/installation/theater event in 2008.

Can America confront it‘s losses, mistakes and crises and give birth to a new introspection?

SURRENDER invites the audience into new forms of theatrical participation in four stages: Training, Action/installation, Theater, and Reaction/involvement.

1) Training/Arrival. The large warehouse space feels more like a cross between a roller rink, a laser tag course, a military barracks, and a theme park than a theater. At arrival the audience is issued camouflage fatigues (boots, blouse, pants) and issued a replica M-4 automatic rifle. The audience will learn proper dress, how to handle weapons, sweep a room for insurgents, identify and kill threats in an hour-long training session with Jason Hartley.

2) Action/Installation/Soundscape. The audience is assembled and positioned at different entrances to a labyrinthine installation of 12 rooms. They are given an ipod with a soundtrack that accompanies them on their journey and enter as a squadron invading a building. Each room is a different landscape spanning several countries: a philosophy classroom, a couple making love in bed, a crowded subway car, a traffic jam on the George Washington bridge, a truck bomb in the last stages of deployment in a busy marketplace, a greenhouse with tropical plants thriving, a divorce court.

3) Theater. The maze of rooms breaks apart, the audience is in an open space assembled for a multi stage theater production. Characters from the installation explode in dance, image and speech, bursting forward until they have each run through several different forms, transforming character, costume, and identity.

4) Response. Post-performance, the audience is invited to add to the soundscape/text by recording thoughts and impressions, questions and confessions.

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