About the Grant

$15,000 to support The Casket of Passing Fancy (MAP 2007), an elaborately partitioned original musical created by Rubber Repertory that uses the form of an interactive parlour game to examine the intersections and divergences of artistic elitism and audience desire.

About the Project

The Casket of Passing Fancy is a new performance work by Rubber Repertory, sung and danced by two performers in elaborate period dress. This duo barters desirable experiences to those willing to forfeit their right to watch the rest of the show. As the performance progresses, the duo's ulterior motive slowly comes into focus: to filter out morally objectionable audience members by their acceptance of certain offers. Throughout, The Casket of Passing Fancy does not lose the feel of a parlor game, with a different outcome each night depending on the actions of that evening's participants. Disappointment, titillation, excitement, regret: some will win, and some will lose, but few will last to see the The Casket of Passing Fancy carried out to its raw but necessary conclusion.

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