About the Grant

$25,000 to support Truck Stop (MAP 2007), conceived as the musical equivalent of a road trip across America, that explores indigenous ethnic, rural and urban sounds through ETHEL's collaborations with a range of composers/musicians from across the US.

About the Project

ETHEL’s American Truck Stop Project (aka Truck Stop) is a celebration of life on the road - a living, breathing diary of the cultural diversity ingrained in our musical roots. By collaborating, improvising, rehearsing and sharing perspectives with artists representing communities from all over the USA, ETHEL develops new compositions and instrumental practices that transcend categorization to create something revolutionary: music that honors our shared human experience and enlists our common creative impulse in the celebration of community, wherever we find it, and to honor, encourage and perpetuate that impulse.

New works are developed through a 2-10 day residency and presented in the hometown of the collaborating artist. This new music synthesizes the diverse sounds and brings audiences from different traditions together. It is this communion through music that speaks to the heart of the project.

The local community (traditional artists, youth and emerging artists,schools, and presenters) are integral to the project as ETHEL visits cities and spends time living with the community to explore how our different cultures inform one another musically.

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Photo copyright Steve J. Sherman
Photo copyright Steve J. Sherman


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