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$15,000 to support Oust (MAP 2007), a new multimedia performance event which engages issues of geographical, political, and identity displacement, created by Dandelion Dancetheater for presentation in the 2008 San Francisco International Arts Festival.

About the Project

We are living in a culture of displacement. As the world's population grows with tremendous speed and technological advances allow us to communicate instantly throughout the globe, boundaries that once defined our lives are melting away. It is often assumed that we need security and a solid sense of place to thrive ˆwhat happens when humans allow disorientation to exist
unhindered? Exploring these issues with a group of performers with and without disabilities, Dandelion Dancetheater will create Oust, a multimedia performance event for presentation in the 2008 San Francisco International Arts Festival. Developed in collaboration with international collaborative partners from Spain and Canada as well as the Clausen House organization for adults with developmental disabilities, this evening-length work will investigate experiences of geographical, political, and identity displacement. Oust will draw on the collective strengths and experiences of three lead artists (Nadia Adame, Eric Kupers and Jacques Poulin-Denis) to create work that equally merges dance, theater and music. The lead artists will bring material developed in their home countries together creating a physically diverse piece that connects through cultural ties and brings new perspectives to audiences in each country.

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