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$25,000 to support Neil Greenberg and John Jesurun's Partial View (MAP 2004), a performance work that investigates scopophilia (the pleasure in looking) and the role of perspective in meaning-making.

About the Project

Neil Greenberg (choreographer) and John Jesurun (multimedia artist) collaborate to create Partial View, a multimedia work in which video and movement share the stage as equal partners, juxtaposing the live and the mediated. This new 45-minute performance work for four dancers presents Greenberg’s rigorous, sensual and extravagant dance language in play with live video projections by Jesurun and live original music by Zeena Parkins. Partial View investigates surveillance, scopophilia (the pleasure in looking) and, especially, meaning-making—the role of perspective and vantage point, and the necessarily limited and tentative nature of how we construct meanings from the various “data” we perceive. Video images are employed as a tool to explore this idea of “points-of-view,” exploiting the camera’s dispassionate omnipresence, ability to perceive multiple points of view, apparent inability to lie and fascinating reflection of human characteristics. Both the music and the choreography echo a recurring motif in the video design, in which the center of three screens reveals progressive attempts at a "good edit" of live and pre-recorded video images while the two side screens display the raw source materials. Similarly, the individual dance and music materials are presented at times in isolation and then in varying constructions that have divergent effects, teasing the mind into a provocative discourse about how we build meanings—in dance and in life. As in much of Greenberg’s work, Partial View will walk the tightrope between looking at "the thing" and being "the thing," juxtaposing a deadpan cool with heart-on-sleeve expression.

Partial View
will premiere at Dance Theater Workshop (NYC) April 6-9 & 13-16 2005, and will tour to Summer Stages Dance (Concord MA—July 21, 2005) and Skirball Cultural Center (Los Angeles, CA—Autumn, 2005).

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From John Jesurun's Point of Debarkation (2003)
From John Jesurun's Point of Debarkation (2003)

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