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$40,000 to support Marianne Weems' Super Vision (MAP 2004), a cross-media performance focusing on contemporary surveillance or "dataveillance."

About the Project

Super Vision is a collaboration between the New York-based performance and media ensemble The Builders Association, a company which exploits the richness of contemporary technologies to extend the boundaries of theater, and dbox, a multidisciplinary studio whose work explores the intersection of visual arts and architecture through 3D digital media.

Super Vision will explore the ambiguous and changing nature of our relationship to living in a post-private society, where personal electronic information is constantly collected and distributed. The data files collected on us circulate like extra bodies, and these “data bodies” carry stains that are harder to clean than mud or sin; from birth certificates to bad credit, every moment of activity contributes to the construction of one’s own “data body.” Super Vision combines cutting-edge digital animation, new video techniques, an architectural set, electronic music, and live performance into an evening of entertainment and interrogation about where we are today in the growing web of surveillance culture and how it is changing us.

Directed by Marianne Weems, co-conceived by Marianne Weems of The Builders Association and Matthew Bannister, Charles d'Autremont and James Gibbs of dbox, and co-created by The Builders Association and dbox, Super Vision will be designed by Stewart Laing (Titanic on Broadway) and will feature The Builders Association’s long-time collaborators Dan Dobson (music and sound designer) and Jennifer Tipton (lighting designer), as well as performers from the company.

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