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$20,000 to support the creation of Flesh (MAP 2004) by Ann Carlson for the Axis’ repertoire.

About the Project

AXIS Dance Company commissioned Ann Carlson to create Flesh. Set to Meredith Monk’s music with lightings/set by Alexander V. Nichols and Costumes by Mario Alonzo and Ann Carlson, Flesh premiered in a 6 city tour of New England and as part of Meredith Monk’s 40th Anniversary. Flesh was made possible by support from Rockefeller MAP Fund, National Endowment for the Arts, National Performance Network, Zellerbach Family Fund, The Robison Foundation, Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, UC Santa Barbara Arts & Lectures, UC Riverside, and The Redfern Arts Center at Keene State College.

"Flesh draws inspiration from three sources. First from the mystery and hope in Meredith Monk's music. Flesh is loosely based on E.M. Forster’s The Machine Stops written in 1909, which takes place sometime in this future. In Forster's prediction, humanity lives underground, and is kept alive by a machine's intensive care. The story unfolds around the relationship between a mother and son. The mother along with most civilization, lives in glorious isolation, in touch with everything technology; physical contact has become abhorrent and an encounter with the natural world tantamount to death. Her son is subversively physical and travels to the surface where he has encountered people still living on the earth. Flesh begins here with the surface dwellers who are clawing their way back through the memory of death and isolation to bring about another world, one without precedent, one with hope and fury."

"Flesh is, of course, mostly inspired by the performers, themselves, who are their own kind of survivor and purveyors of a new world of radical physicality and outrage." - Ann Carlson

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