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$25,000 to support Kadri Gopalnath and Rudresh Mahanthappa's Svajanam (MAP 2004), a new, evening-length suite based in two improvised traditions of the saxophone: jazz and traditional South Indian.

About the Project

Svajanam is a new evening-length suite to be composed by Rudreesh K. Mahanthappa, a brilliantly creative young American musician of South Asian descent who draws from the traditions of jazz and Indian music, and Sri Kadri Gopalnath, a living legend of South Indian Carnatic music. The work will be performed by their co-led Dakshina Ensemble.

Mr. Mahanthappa represents a new direction in music in which the contributions of previously marginal American ethnic groups are brought to the foreground. Mr. Mahanthappa is an established talent in the jazz world who has made a point of drawing on his Indian heritage in unique ways, resulting in refreshingly original music in the jazz tradition, quite different from past attempts at "Indo-jazz fusion." This exceptional quality has been in evidence in his previous projects as a leader/collaborator and is indisputably presented in his most recent suite "Black Water." Mr. Gopalnath is not only a world-renown Carnatic musician, but also an innovator in introducing the alto saxophone to Indian classical music. In adapting a relatively new western instrument to the traditions of an ancient art form, Gopalnath has brought his Carnatic sensibilities into contact with elements of western music in ways previously unimagined. Though he may be steeped in the traditions of the East, his innovative path reveals him to be a creative agent consciously and actively contributing to cross-cultural musical exploration. Both of these artists are ardent contributors to the diversity of contemporary music.

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