About the Grant

$30,000 to support Invisible Cities (MAP 2006), a collaboration of The Builders Association with a group of high school students selected from The Brooklyn College Community Partnership’s After School programs in central Brooklyn.

About the Project

Invisible Cities merges visions of New York’s complex present with possible futures of the city. Invisible Cities refers to imaginary, virtual worlds, but also to the marginalized sub-cities in which this project’s teenage participants live — working class communities inhabited by people of color, often living in public housing projects. We start by asking: What is a “city” for its many different inhabitants? What parts of New York are visible to only some of its inhabitants, and why? How will this extend into the future? In Invisible Cities, we also address the problem of how to bridge the tangible “digital divide.” In a literal first step, The Builders Association will facilitate the use of complex graphic design, digital editing and 3D modeling software for a group that doesn’t otherwise have access to these tools. Over the next year, the project will also involve other New York-based communities. The material will result in a site-specific performance and installation in which the audience members traverse a past, present and future New York.

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