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$20,000 to support Survive Cycle (MAP 2006), a new dance by choreographer RoseAnne Spradlin in collaboration with artists Glen Fogel (film/video), Chris Peck (live music) and performers Walter Dundervill, Chase Granoff, Paige Martin and Tasha Taylor that explores excision, pruning and destruction as necessary cycles in life.

About the Project

The project involves the creation of an evening-length performance work in which movement, visual projections and music come together to create an experience of the breaking down and atomizing of form, exploring the liberation of matter from form and form from function. Spradlin uses medical and environmental imagery, as well as fragments of personal material from the lives of the dancers to probe the meaning and necessity of destruction in life. The collaborators intend the work to provide a visceral experience as they probe both the brutality and beauty of these destructive cycles.

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Photo by Roger Gaess
Photo by Roger Gaess


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