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$30,000 to support The Risk of Flight (MAP 2006), a new multi-media opera Mary Ellen Childs commissioned by Nautilus Music-Theater to be premiered at the Southern Theater in Minneapolis.

About the Project

The Risk of Flight is an “opera” that looks at the nature of flight and the infinite, by exploring three experiences of flight: 1930s barnstormers; space exploration; and the experience of a mystic, in the character of a knitter who never moves from her rocking chair. The overall intention of the work is to explore the nature of communion with the infinite, and the opening of--the soaring of--the human heart. Using vocal and instrumental music, video and projected still images, and elements of staging, the piece will be part opera, part multi-media piece, part purely musical experience. The forces include: five singer/actor/movers, a group of 4-6 musical instrumentalists who are part of the stage action, multi-image video, and recorded sounds that are incorporated into the music. Interspersed with the three stories are a series of “interludes”, expressed primarily in music and video imagery.

The Risk of Flight will premiere at the Southern Theater in Minneapolis in October, 2007.

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