About the Grant

$30,000 to support Echo:System – Action Station#2- The Desert (MAP 2006), a series of site-specific, live performance installations by Grisha Coleman informed by natural habitats which surround the audience and performers in a surreal synthetic habitat, referred to as “actionstations.”

About the Project

The Desert is about the experience of several Desert Inhabitants and their Walk-about through their landscape. The Inhabitants connect with the landscape and it reveals narratives about the land as it currently exists, has existed, and will exist through time. Within the space of this alternate reality past, present, and future are collapsed into one. Emergent patterns are revealed and begin to disrupt and extend our notions about what the ecology of a desert can mean. The Desert is an attempt to reveal the continual presence of systems through time which are buried and obscured in our everyday experiences of reality.
echo:system The Abyss: Station #1
echo:system The Abyss: Station #1


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