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$25,000 to support Three Vampires: A Parable of the Philippines (MAP 2006), an original multidisciplinary theatre work by Ping Chong and Company, exploring the rich and complex cultural history of the Philippines, past, present, and future.

About the Project

Three Vampires: A Parable of the Philippines will be the fifth work in Ping Chong’s EAST-WEST series of “poetic documentaries” examining the cultural intersections and collisions between Asia, Europe and the United States over the last five hundred years. The production also marks the first artistic collaboration between Ping Chong and Jessica Hagedorn, two leading lights of the Asian American artist community, who have known each other as friends and colleagues for close to thiry years.

Three Vampires will examine European, American and Asian colonialism and resistance to same as played out in the Philippines from the arrival of Spanish traders in the sixteenth century through the American colonial period (s), the Japanese occupation in WWII, the repressive Marcos years, and up to the nation’s tumultuous, uncertain present. Chong and Hagedorn will use Philippine supernatural mythology about the aswang, or vampire, as the metaphorical launching pad for an investigation of the methodology and effects of political and cultural imperialism in the complex history of the Philippines.

The multidisciplinary production will be structured as a triptych of intersecting stories, incorporating text, music, language, movement and stunning visuals to create a “danse macabre” about domination and exploitation and the enduring human struggle to preserve cultural identity.

Three Vampires will be produced by Ping Chong & Company in association with Ma-Yi Theatre Company and will premiere in Fall 2007.

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Ping Chong Photo by Stephen Garrett
Ping Chong Photo by Stephen Garrett


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