About the Grant

$30,000 to support UTOPIA / dystopia (MAP 2006), a new collaboration of the Los Angeles Poverty Department and John Malpede with a multidisciplinary team of artistic collaborators including Henriette Brouwers, Harrell Fletcher, LAPD company members, students, emerging artists and community members that will develop a multidisciplinary forum for the consideration and articulation of grass roots visions of the city’s future.

About the Project

One person’s utopia is another’s dystopia. In the past 40 years civic policy in Los Angeles has generated the twin towers of utopia and dystopia: Bunker Hill, the redeveloped high rise financial center, and below it Skid Row. Current real estate boom is generating new social policy, including the possible displacement of the majority population of poor people living in the area.

Is the desired “new urban lifestyle” an upscale monoculture, or, is city life at it’s core an unpredictable, dynamic, mescla?

“The Future” is being painstakingly crafted and promoted by a coalition of development and civic political interests: the City Fathers who know best. UTOPIA / dystopia will engage longstanding and new area residents, to inform and broaden the public discourse, through strategic public art, conversation and gatherings. The project will culminate in the making of the performance UTOPIA / dystopia by a diverse group of downtown residents, including homeless and formerly homeless residents of Skid Row, the working poor, immigrants and their families and the area’s burgeoning loft-living population.

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