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$25,000 to support The Cycle Plays (MAP 2006), five plays performed during the course of a one-day-only presentation informed by the ritualistic Japanese Noh theater, written and directed in an ensemble process by Yugen’s Artistic Associate and playwright Erik Ehn, with musical composition by Allen Whitman and Suki O’Kane.

About the Project

This marathon theatrical event presents American stories told in the signature poetic, dance-drama style of Yugen, with its roots in the spirit of Noh, reaching up to new movement and narrative forms through original, cutting-edge contemporary music. The five categories of plays forming the traditional Noh architecture are re-invented in the lexicon of Western archetypes and with American legendary figures: Winterland – the God play – is about two girls and their quest to see Johnny Rotten and the Sex Pistols in their last performance at Winterland in San Francisco; Letters from a Small House – the Warrior play – examines the life of Unabomber Ted Kaczinski; Dark Silent – the Woman’s play – centers on Helen Keller; the fourth category play is a “Deranged Woman play” with an adaptation of O’Neill’s American classic Long Day's Journey into Night; Pretty – the fifth category Demon play – is the story of the young Polly Klaas, who was kidnapped and murdered in Northern California.

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Theatre of Yugen
Pictured left to right: John Oglevee, Jubilith Moore, Sheila Berotti.
Pictured left to right: John Oglevee, Jubilith Moore, Sheila Berotti.


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