About the Grant

$25,000 to support THE BREACH (MAP 2006), a collaborative theatre piece by Catherine Filloux and Joe Sutton about Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.

About the Project

THE BREACH will be developed through readings at theaters and FEMA trailer camps throughout the Gulf South before premiering at Southern Rep in New Orleans on the two-year anniversary of the storm's landing.

The play is comprised of intertwined story lines that touch on themes of heroism, conspiracy and truth. In the first, a wheelchair-bound victim of M.S. survives a near drowning, a leg amputation, and his soldier son's death in Iraq as he attempts to rebuild his life in the weeks and months after the storm. In another, a reporter from New York travels to the Lower Ninth Ward to interview residents about their belief that the levee there was intentionally blown up by the government despite evidence to the contrary, and comes to understand the necessity of rumor. A third story, still in development, will focus on politicians in the region. Unifying these three stories is a Greek chorus that tells the story of the storm itself, tracking it from its earliest incarnation until it finally rushes ashore along the Gulf Coast, decimating the entire region.

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