About the Grant

$20,000 to support ISABELLA (MAP 2006), a new, radical revision of Shakespeare's MEASURE FOR MEASURE written by Dan Rothenberg and designed  by Anna Kiraly.

About the Project

ISABELLA, will recontextualize cuttings of Shakespeare's MEASURE FOR MEASURE into a hospital morgue. Using a highly physical performance style and an experimental approach to speaking text, the actors will make one of the Bard's most complex and difficult pieces strange and dangerous all over again.

ISABELLA will walk on a tightrope between comedy and tragedy, between authority and subjection, between life and death. By employing a vocal technique that allows the actors who portray the corpses to deliver Shakespeare's lines fully and clearly, all the while retaining a palpable sense of "deadness" the actors' presence wavers between expressing the network of desires inherent in the living body and conveying the disgust and shame associated with the corpse. Even as this face-to-face confrontation with mortality shocks and discomforts the audience, a sense of comedy remains; in the morgue, death is a constant and terrifying presence, but one that is approached casually, even carelessly.

Directed by Dan Rothenberg and designed by Anna Kiraly, ISABELLA uses the Bard's work to forge a new performance piece about mortality and sexual and political manipulation.

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Photo by Anna Kiraly
Photo by Anna Kiraly


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