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$20,000 to support Wake Up Mister Sleepy: Your Unconscious Mind Is Dead (MAP 2006), a new play by Richard Foreman that features a full-length digital film in counterpoint with live action performance, and a complex poetic text punctuated by an eclectic musical score.

About the Project

The new play for the 2007 season is entitled Wake Up Mister Sleepy: Your Unconscious Mind Is Dead. This play will follow ZOMBOID! as Richard Foreman's second work to feature a full-length digital film, live action performance, and poetic text punctuated by a musical score. Footage has already been shot in England and Germany, and more will be shot in Japan this November.

This new piece zeros in on what we propose as one of the most crucial human issues of the new century — how does the human imagination deal with a new digitalized world which threatens to dry up those potent psychic forces that can only live in a realm “unknown” to consciousness. Foreman posits that in the nineteenth century Nietzsche was a funnel for the idea that God had died, while in the twentieth century, Freud became a funnel for the idea that the unconscious was a deep “unknowable” in man that replaced, functionally, the always unknowable God. Foreman now proposes that the unconscious has died, smothered by a world of accessible digital information. Man is once again empty. To allay this emptiness, the artist’s task is now to establish a space where that unknowable can re-awaken the human resources previously nourished by notions of God and, then, of the unconsciousness.

This play lives and functions in the depths of this psychological/philosophical issue, embodying the question in Mr. Foreman’s always flamboyant and unique theatrical style.

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Photo by Paula Court
Photo by Paula Court


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