About the Grant

$20,000 to support dumb dumb bunny (MAP 2006), a new full-scale dance by Sam Kim for five dancers and twenty guest performers that takes a transgressive approach to examining what it means to be an outsider.

About the Project

In dumb dumb bunny, Sam Kim subverts perception and assumptions about what we see in dance and presents an abstracted thrill ride through the crucible of Kim’s keen outsider mentality. Starting from a personal departure point which includes everything from Kim’s dry sense of humor and wholesale rejection of self-seriousness, to subtle influences such as B-horror films and the work of maverick visual artist Raymond Pettibon dumb dumb bunny rapidly expands in meaning as the dance moves effortlessly through present time, historical time and perceived time. Committed to smashing the status quo in dance culture, dumb dumb bunny deploys a lowbrow aesthetic: ear-splitting songs, garish lights, unselfconscious movement and a theater turned inside out to engage viewers through a pure, unmediated experience. dumb dumb bunny will premiere at The Kitchen in New York City in Fall 2007.

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