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$30,000 to support UBW/JANT-BI: A Creative Exchange (MAP 2005), a collaborative effort between two choreographers, U.S.-based Jawole Zollar and Senegal-based Germaine Acogny.

About the Project

UBW/JANT-BI: A Creative Exchange will allow Jawole Zollar, Artistic Director of Urban Bush Women, and Germaine Acogny, Artistic Director of Jant-Bi, to explore one another’s methodology and to create a new work based on the joint investigation. In bringing together the all-male company and the wholly female ensemble, the choreographers seek to use their similarities as a springboard to learn from one another, to help each other mine for fresh choreographic territory, and to allow the dancers to gain new insights into artistry and ensemble work. The choreographers were drawn to one another based on a shared source of inspiration: the role of individual identity within a community. In addition, both artists favor process-driven creative methods, opting for a “from the inside—out” means of depicting the human condition on stage.

UBW/JANT-BI: A Creative Exchange will occur August 2005-August 2006, over a series of three labs, each lasting three weeks. The labs will take place in the United States, in Senegal (Jant-Bi’s home), and in Europe. Each company will experience the other’s home with all of the customs and mores that invariably influence the artists’ choreographic voices, as well as meet in a place stripped of those signifiers. During the labs, the two companies will explore the movement vocabulary of the other through dance classes taught by Zollar and Acogny, and will participate in each other’s distinct methods for generating movement material. The last phase will be a four-week production period centered on the creation of the new work, to be completed in October, 2006.
photo credit: Cylla Von Tiedemann
photo credit: Cylla Von Tiedemann

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