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$25,000 to support Idalina (MAP 2006), an evening-length dance work by Giovanni Luquini utilizing the aesthetics and practice of Capoeira blending a unique aspect of Brazilian culture with contemporary dance/theater.

About the Project

Inspired by the saga of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and the capacity of mankind to endure cruelty & degradation with ingenuity and hope, Idalina is a dance/theater work that explores ideas of resistance & freedom.

Choreographed & directed by Giovanni Luquini, Idalina involves a collaboration between Brazilian Capoeirista master and dancer/musician Fernando Lee of Sao Paulo, Brazil; Brazilian Capoeirista master and dancer/visual artist Eurico de Jesus, based in Barcelona, Spain, and Miami-based composer/musician José Elias, a 2006 Grammy Award nominee. Drawing from Capoeira’s rich history as well as his experience as an Afro-Brazilian growing up in Bahia, Luquini creates a movement, sound and word collage of the enduring symbols of Capoeira, resonant with collective nostalgia, memories, universal themes & a message of personal resistance.

From the sixteenth through the nineteenth Century, approximately 3.5 million people were brought from regions across Africa to Brazil. An improvisational mix of dance, self-defense, music and song that is characterized by a circularity of movement, Capoeira developed in conjunction with the Candomblé religion (similar to Santería and Voodoo) and was used to provide both a means of unity among disparate tribes as well as a way to protect their cultures from being extinguished.

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