About the Grant

$25,000 to support iMAP (MAP 2006), a collaborative project between the choreographer Jennifer Monson, architect Gita Nandan and landscape architect Elliott Maltby, both of Brooklyn-based architecture firm thread collective.

About the Project

iMAP (interdisciplinary Mobile Architecture and Performance) will be based at the Ridgewood Reservoir on the border of Queens and Brooklyn in NYC in 2007. It is a sustainably designed mobile performance space and interdisciplinary laboratory. Temporarily sited in underused urban areas, the vehicle will facilitate intensive on-site exploration and research, with a particular emphasis on cooperation between artists and scientists. These investigations will lead to the development of performance projects that engage local communities in new understandings of their environment.

The collaborators will use the natural process of adaptation and symbiosis manifested at the site to guide their creative process and generate four bi-monthly performances throughout 2007. Performances will be held in Highland Park, along the perimeter of the reservoir, and in and around the iMAP structure. Abandoned and fenced off, the reservoir has transformed itself into a rare and unusual wetland for migrating birds in one basin, with a young sunken forest growing out of the other two emptied basins. While lacking defined recreational facilities, the reservoirís perimeter serves a diverse population of people from the neighborhood and beyond.

iMAP exemplifies the type of creative solutions that interaction between different disciplines can generate. The collaborators are committed to seeking tangible solutions to urban dilemmas such as equitable access to the arts, sustainable development, dwindling urban habitats, and the commodification of public space. iMAP engages the publicís imagination and responds to the flux of urban development with wit and adaptability.

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Photo by Bob Braine
Photo by Bob Braine


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