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$30,000 to support Republic of Dreams (MAP 2006) a new play by Double Edge Theatre, along with Central European artist-collaborators based on the letters, drawings, and fiction of the visionary Polish Jewish artist Bruno Schulz.

About the Project

Republic of Dreams pays particular attention to Bruno Schulz’ literary masterpiece, Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass. Double Edge will interweave the theatre’s signature style of actors’ physicality, puppetry, large objects, aerial work, and music, with Schulz’ powerful prose and life (and his ironically banal death at the hands of a jealous Nazi), to create a magical world in which intimacy, flight, eroticism, and dreams explode the mundane workings of daily life. Dreams will be conceived and directed by Double Edge Founder/Artistic Director Stacy Klein, co-created with Carlos Uriona and Matthew Glassman and the Double Edge Ensemble, with Polish artists including composer Jacek Ostaszewski, and painter Mira Zelechower-Aleksiun.

Republic of Dreams
will draw upon Schulz’ astute perception, in late 1930’s Poland, of a world off-course, of a society losing its connectedness, of materialism replacing meaning, and of dogma replacing culture. Using stories, myth, paintings, music, and circus, a physical, visceral, and image world will be sculpted that envisions the flight of dreams as well as the reality of disaster. The audience will experience both the exhilaration of the possibilities of this creation and the pain of a culture gone awry.

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