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$25,000 to support Phoenix Fabrik (MAP 2005), a two-year collaboration among playwright Daniel Alexander Jones, vocalist Helga Davis, actress/choreographer Barbara Duchow, actress Vinie Burrows and designer Kimberlee Koym about the creation of one's own language despite a history of being silenced.

About the Project

Pillsbury House Theatre will produce Phoenix Fabrik, the newest play by Daniel Alexander Jones. Set in a dreamlike doll factory, the play is rooted in the relationship between two young women: Eleanor, a black southern girl who works in the doll factory, and Inga, a German girl who has come to live with her uncle who owns the factory following the end of World War II. The two excavate dark, violent spaces in their own psyches as they attempt to forge a friendship. Unexpected events in the town cause a painful rift and Eleanor must choose between the continuation of violence and forgiveness. Phoenix Fabrik evokes silenced histories, personal transformation and the healing power of music.

While working in Germany, Jones and his collaborator, perfomer Helga Davis were fascinated by the differences in how America and Germany have struggled with their respective pasts. Together with video artist Kimberlee Koym, they will be in residency at Pillsbury House Theatre during the workshop and premiere.

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Daniel Alexander Jones
From the Pillsbury House Theatre�s <EM>Phoenix Fabrik.</EM>
From the Pillsbury House Theatre�s Phoenix Fabrik.


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