About the Grant

$15,000 to support EVERYONE (MAP 2006), a new work by Miguel Gutierrez created for nine performers with live music by Chris Forsyth and lighting design by Lenore Doxsee.

About the Project

EVERYONE looks at different manifestations of "hybridity" in the spaces of form, culture, the body, and performance. The work will explore the collapse and melding of those spaces and the identities located inside of and through them, thereby amplifying and redefining the notion of diversity as we tend to understand it. EVERYONE will develop from sensibilities investigating real time, duration, endurance, extreme vulnerability on the stage, an unadorned but sophisticated kinetic body and, most importantly, an interest in working on the continuum of dance, performance art, theater, and experimental music.

EVERYONE will be performed in a space co-habitated by the performers and the public, allowing for multiple directions of viewing. Gutierrez aims to create an intimate, inclusive atmosphere where the experiential nature of performing can translate into a sensory experience for the audience.

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Photo by Alex Escalante
Photo by Alex Escalante


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