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$20,000 to support Dance Without Body (MAP 2006), a dance that explores “presence” and introduces a new performance method, Live Processing by koosil-ja in collaboration with Benton-C Bainbridge (live video), Melissa F. Guerrero (dance), and Geoff Matters (music, video, and software design.)

About the Project

koosil-ja studies Body Without Organs (a key concept in the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari), which promotes the ideas that the self can be considered an arrangement in a constant state of process. This arrangement is a flow that connects with other flows, each into the others. Live Processing was created as a result of the study as well as her experience performing with the Wooster Group. Live Processing and the dancers become a flow that operates on the cutting edge of movement, decoding and “deterritorializing” to achieve a new movement paradigm.

For over forty years, modern dance has been centered on either classic modern exposition or purely abstract improvisation. koosil-ja’s exploration of BwO, developed more recently than those traditions, offers a new route for artistic development. By boldly eschewing the restrictions of these two modern dance traditions (while respecting the lessons learned from each), she seeks answers for the question “What are the foundations for the creation of the new?” Combining elements of philosophy, body, and digital technology, Dance Without Body will separate out and dissect the component processes of embodied performance, allowing for a new creative assemblage ripe for digital interface and experimentation. Dance Without Body is commissioned and will be presented by The Kitchen in December 2006.
Melissa F. Guerrero dances Live Processing
Melissa F. Guerrero dances Live Processing


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