About the Grant

$18,000 in support of Our Breath Is as Thin as a Hummingbird's Spine (MAP 2006), a new, evening-length mulit-disciplinary opera set to an original libretto and score by Nanos Operetta with inkBOAT's staged forms of experimental dance and theater.

About the Project

The story of Our Breath… explores the world through the physical and figurative perspectives of a dwarf, one who must live in a society of "normal" people, a universe in which, due to his diminutive stature, desires perpetually exist just beyond his desperate reach. Falling in love with a tiny, yellow bird named Lulu, our protagonist's journey is an exploration into the hardships and tragedy endured in the face of unattainable love. The tale is a fantastical meditation into the calculus of a dwarf vs. his daunting, oftentimes overwhelming environs.

The music and libretto for the work will be created and performed by Nanos Operetta, written specifically to utilize the unique strengths that company inkBOAT and vocalist Nils Frykdahl (Sleepytime Guerilla Museum) bring to performance namely, the virtuosity, physicality, and expressivity of inkBOAT’s movement and the remarkable range, power, and technique of Frykdahl's voice.

Choreographer Shinichi Momo Koga and inkBOAT will create an original staging of Our Breath... as a hybrid of traditional and experimental dance and theater forms woven within physical theater and Japanese Butoh dance. inkBOAT will adapt all aspects of Nanos Operetta's text and music for the stage, applying the principles of Butoh, Action Theater, and other forms of experimental dance and theater, to explore the music and text, develop characters, and outline the ultimate look and feel of the piece.

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