About the Grant

$33,000 to support Los Illegals (MAP 2006), a new play that is being developed by Michael John Garcés in  collaboration with the Cornerstone Ensemble and undocumented workers from throughout Los Angeles.

About the Project

Told through the eyes of illegal immigrants and their advocates, Los Illegals will examine how our immigration laws effect the lives of workers doing the undesirable yet vital jobs that are the engine of our economy. Recent events have pushed illegal immigration to the forefront of the nation’s conservative and liberal political agendas. And yet, the migration of undocumented workers, particularly from Mexico to California, is not new. Nearly 1/3 of all illegal immigrants live in California, and 75% of all illegal immigrants currently living in the U.S. are believed to have entered the country via the U.S.-Mexico border. In keeping with Cornerstone’s history and tradition of creating public dialogue about important social issues, Michael will listen to community members at Story Circles and one-on-one interviews, invite community participation at Town Hall Meetings and engage with the community during Script Readings and other events. Los Illegals is part of the company’s multi-year Justice Cycle, a series of projects exploring the many ways that laws both shape and disrupt communities. The project will be produced in Spring 2007. Los Illegals is Michael’s first collaboration with the Ensemble since joining the company as Artistic Director.

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Photo by John McCabe
Photo by John McCabe


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