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$20,000 to support Palestine, New Mexico (MAP 2006), a new play created by Culture Clash, the Latino theater company, using the ethnographic method of recording and performing the oral histories histories of those who lived and those still alive, the new generations of those victimized and those who triumphed and survived New Mexico's dark past.

About the Project

Founding Culture Clash member Richard Montoya is a walking culture clash. His mother's father was born in Damascus, Syria his father's family is from the mountains above Albuquerque, New Mexico, where many Sephardic Jewish families were known to have settled quietly and lived among the Hispanic New Mexicans and Navajo Indians. It has been a long-held family secret more than 200 years old that part of the Montoya family descended from Sephardic Jews on his father's side of the family. In Palestine, New Mexico, Montoya aims to shine a light on the family farm where menorahs and mezuzahs were kept under lock and key. White, brown, Jew, Catholic, Navajo, Anglo, all of this led to a Molotov cocktail that exploded one summer on the mesas of New Mexico in 1949, leading to the incarceration of Montoya's grandfather, among other transformational events. Richard Montoya and Culture Clash will gather the stories of those who dared to light Shabbat candles on Friday night before the fiesta.

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Pictured, left to right - Ricardo Salinas, Richard Montoya and Herbert Siguenza.
Pictured, left to right - Ricardo Salinas, Richard Montoya and Herbert Siguenza.


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