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$18,000 to support Bang on a Can 20th Anniversary Marathon: Terry Riley Dream Project (MAP 2006), a collaboration between Terry Riley, Julia Wolfe, Michael Gordon and the Bang on a Can All-Stars.

About the Project

In 1964, Terry Riley heralded minimalism with his groundbreaking In C. Rather than resting on the acclaimed formula that drove that piece, he has scoured the globe and his immediate environs for intellectual and visceral inspiration

Case in point: A few years ago, a radio station in California asked Terry Riley to document his dreams. Every morning Terry would wake up and record everything he remembered from the previous night, then add electronic noises, echoes, scraps of melodies, and tape loops of strange sounds. At turns funny and disturbing, deeply insightful and utterly ridiculous, these texts and sounds serve as extraordinary source material for a futuristic soundscape.

When Riley served as guest composer at Bang on a Can's Summer Institute at Mass MoCA, it became clear that a collaboration on a grand scale was in order. The "dreamscapes" were chosen as a perfect creative starting point. But knowing Riley and the Bang on a Can All-Stars (Musical America's Ensemble of the Year for 2005), the completed project will confound expectation. As Mr. Riley says, this is truly a "match made in heaven."

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