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$18,000 to support Four Chinks and a Dyke (MAP 2006), a new theater piece by Philip Kan Gotanda in the style of Japanese anime.

About the Project

A new play loosely based on the children's book, The 5 Chinese Brothers, Four Chinks and a Dyke (4.C.D.) is a retelling of the book in a new avant-garde Philip Kan Gotanda style incorporating a cartoon-esque world in the style of Japanese anime. The play will explore the rise in America of new white male empowerment in relation to a diversifying American culture. The cartoon-rich visual spectacle will draw adult audiences to a period in childhood before lines between social groups began their divisive effect. The production of 4.C.D. will take place in San Francisco during November 2007 with public workshops and demonstrations held throughout the 2006-2007 season.

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