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$25,000 to support A History of God (MAP 2005), , written/directed by Josh Fox, co-written by Filipino playwright Rody Vera; and created by the company's ensemble, with original music by Andy Gillis, Peter Lettre, and Drae Campbell.

About the Project

International WOW will premiere A History of God, a music theatre work. The piece explores two questions: Is a sustaining love possible between people; and is a sustaining peace possible between nations? By juxtaposing these issues, A History of God aims to address the role of “projection” in contemporary culture - in the drive to war, in which nations project images of otherness onto a dehumanized enemy; in the formation of identity, in which the literal projection of media images informs our definition of self; and in the process of falling in love, in which we create a fantasy of the beloved from our desires and needs. This inquiry has led to a final obsession: Is it possible to see the person before you as real?

A History of God grafts the war-zones of Iraq and Afghanistan onto our American present. The space created is simultaneously an interrogation room, an office and a brothel in which Americans can pay to enact their fantasies on a Third World other. Love is war, war is business, and identities can be exchanged as commerce. Gender is a continuum; characters switch back and forth as easily as changing their clothes.

A History of God will premiere in November, 2006.
Josh Fox
Josh Fox

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