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$20,000 to support Music for Robots (MAP 2005), an evening-length program of contemporary music for robotic instruments by composers Morton Subotnick and George Lewis commissioned by The League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots(LEMUR).

About the Project

The League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots (LEMUR) has commissioned new work by composers Morton Subotnick and George Lewis for its Music for Robots program. These compositions (with a third piece by Elliot Sharp) will comprise an evening-length program of world premieres of contemporary music for robotic instruments.

Utilizing several LEMUR instruments, each composer will create a new work that is approximately 10 minutes long. LEMUR's growing ensemble includes: GuitarBot, comprised of four independently controlled stringed units which can rapidly pick and slide; ModBots, miniature modular percussion robots that vary from singing bell bots to percussive “beater” bots; TibetBot, a robotically controlled percussive instrument that creates atonal rhythms and droning soundscapes; and TrombOrgan, a wind instrument with both fixed-length and robotically-controlled sliding, variable-length pipes. For the composers, robotic instruments represent a both a new challenge as well as a continuation of their lifelong interest in electronic instruments, technology, and its impact on compositional practice and performance.

Founded in 2000, LEMUR is a group of musicians, composers, artists and technologists dedicated to producing robotic musical instruments that offer new creative opportunities to composers and performers, and new musical experiences for audiences. Using a cross-disciplinary collaborative approach, LEMUR brings together innovators with wide-ranging artistic and technical experience to build a chamber orchestra of instruments using advanced technology.

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