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$20,000 for No Le Digas a Nadie (Don’t Tell Anybody) (MAP 1996), a new theater work on Latinas with HIV by Elia Arce.

About the Project

No Le Digas a Nadie (Don’t Tell Anybody), grew out of a ten-week residency focusing on the social and cultural issues faced by Latinas with HIV or AIDS. Arce met with 22 women in, all originally from Central America, most with children, only two of whom disclosed their situation to immediate family or friends; only three carried through their public appearance on stage. Arce shot video for use in the performance, and decided to also undertake a parallel video documentary following the life and family of Lizbeth Mullins, the participant who had been open about her sexual orientation and articulate in voicing her experiences as a HIV-positive immigrant and women. Mullins, in fragile health, was able to perform only the March premiere and had to be hospitalized with a fever of 107 degrees. The show went on nevertheless, for two more performances in Houston and two more in San Antonio (the first exclusively for women with HIV and their caregivers, the second open to the public). The cast formed an ongoing relationship with a support group in San Antonio. Their San Antonio appearance also led to the company being invited to perform at the first national conference or women of color with HIV in Houston, bringing Arce to Houston for three more weeks to remount the show.

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