About the Grant

$18,000 to support the creation and performance of Let's Make a Deal (MAP 2005), a new circus/theater production which will be performed free of charge in 12 outdoor public spaces throughout New York City.

About the Project

Circus Amok continued its exploration of circus tradition and community engagement with its newest Summer Park Tour, Let’s Make a Deal. Let’s Make a Deal was performed in diverse locations in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens during September, 2005. At each site the company began its performance with a pre-show parade through nearby streets, attracting people who would not be likely to attend under more formal circumstances, surprising them and enticing them to watch the show. At a time when the New Deal is being dismantled piece-by-piece, Circus Amok intends to put its moral and aesthetic elements back on center stage. In the spirit of 1930’s newspaper theater, Let’s Make A Deal takes issues of the moment and presents them in public spaces: the mayoral election, ongoing war in Iraq, huge budget cuts, build-up of the deficit, dismantling of social security, and crisis in education.

Circus Amok is rooted in circus tradition - from the verbal rhythm and repertoire of sideshow to movement vocabulary of modern dance to the grimy glamour of traditional circus techniques. Amok is committed to the performance tradition of Circus because it is a form that brings people together across class and political lines. It is an expansive realm where a pie in the face can act next to a postmodern dance, Mingus can play next to a Polish polka, queerness is a fact of life, and high art and low art are both art.

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