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$30,000 to support Dragon v. Eagle (MAP 2005), a multi-media music theater work exploring traditional and contemporary cross-cultural themes between Chinese and American culture, created by composer Fred Ho, writer Ruth Margraff, director/choreographer Mira Kingsley, martial artist Tsuyoshi Kaseda and a cutting-edge animation and interactive technology team.

About the Project

Voices of the Dragon 3: Dragon v. Eagle is an evening-length, multi-media music theater work conceived by composer/performer Fred Ho in collaboration with playwright Ruth Margraff, and director/choreographer Mira Kingsley. Dragon v. Eagle continues Ho’s exploration of a new hybrid genre and form he calls “martial arts ballet-living comic book theater.” This new genre fuses a diversity of cross-cultural ideas and influences, incorporating narratives from ancient Chinese history and legend and contemporary Asian-American popular culture; movement from Euro-American ballet and modern dance and Chinese Wu-shu and Kung-fu martial arts; and unified by Ho’s compositional language of “Afro-Asian jazz”. The story chronicles the lives and adventures of five martial monks and nuns from the legendary Shaolin Temple, the factual birthplace of Chinese martial arts and touchstone of Chinese culture and history. Fred Ho’s living comic book concept is informed by the popular art of Asian “animé,” a cartoon comic book genre known for its stylized action-fantasy aesthetic. The first two Voice of the Dragon pieces focused on exploring the synthesis of dance/martial arts movement, dramatic narrative and music, with minimal set design. Dragon v. Eagle will expand the space and dramatis personae by exploring the use of full-size animated sets and characters. Artificial intelligence programming from video game technology will be explored to allow the real cast to interact with the virtual cast in real-time.

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