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$20,000 to support Meredith Monk's The Impermanence Project (MAP 2004), a multimedia project that explores the nature of impermanence, transition, and the human attempt to make a mark on time.

About the Project

Meredith Monk’s newest multidisciplinary work features a joyful and poignant look at change and the essential experiences we all share, from "…what we leave behind, to our fears and our celebrations of life..." (Dance Insider). Embodying a broad spectrum of emotions, the phenomenal Meredith Monk and her dynamic Vocal Ensemble take us on a poetic journey to a place where music, dance and video portraits reflect the delicacy and power of the human spirit.

The Impermanence Project uses music, video, movement, and text to create a celebratory and moving meditation on life. Each section of the work, announced cabaret-style by a spoken title (Last Song; Liminal; Seeds; Particular Dance; Disequilibrium Song, Mieke’s Melody #5), provides a non-narrative look at the different facets of impermanence and the joy and wonder of being. Accompanied by voice, piano, clarinet, breath, bicycle tire and other inventive instrumentation, the many scenes – a montage of video portraits of extreme close-ups of diverse faces; a playful dance of energy unbound; voices rising from the dark singing a song of beginning and opening; an elegant dance of small gestures, performers balancing sound that gently transport us on a journey that is haunting and mysterious, but at its core, essentially human.

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Meredith Monk
From Meredith Monk's <EM>The Impermanence Project</EM>
From Meredith Monk's The Impermanence Project

Meredith Monk
Meredith Monk


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