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$22,000 to support Monster of Happiness (MAP 2005), a new, interdisciplinary performance work utilizing performance, dance, and film to create a series of theatricalized experiments: a psycho-physical, science fiction love story.

About the Project

Monster of Happiness is a new interdisciplinary theatre work, utilizing performance, dance, film, and the internet to create a series of “theatricalized experiments” examining the pursuit of happiness and transduced into a psycho-physical, science fiction love story.

In this project the company pursues the properties of Russian theatre director Meyerhold’s Biomechanics, post revolution ‘Soviet style’ cinema, early modern dance, and the narrative strands of modernist literature. TMB creates a theatrical process inspired by physicist Albert Einstein’s Relativity ‘thought experiments’ and structures a framework of ‘theatricalized experiments’ aimed at gathering an empirical knowledge of happiness. Integral to this process is a feedback loop - an invitation for the public (via the TMB website) to provide personal views on happiness. This data informs the process as it is being created and involves the public in the creative process.

There are 2 live performers onstage. An ensemble of 12 and a larger movement chorus participate in the film elements. All performance is highly-stylized and choreographed, ranging from quotidian, through pure dance, to ensemble movement sequences. The physical sampling for the performance style draws from Meyerhold’s Biomechanics and the vocabulary of early modern dance (Isadora Duncan and Ted Shawn).

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