About the Grant

$25,000 to support BABY (MAP 2005), a full-length dance work by Tere O’Connor that will create visual architectures, exploiting the seemingly simple and poignant element of "time passing.”

About the Project

Tere O'Connor's new work entitled BABY continues his immersion into the poetics of dance as he explodes elemental aspects of the form into theatrical metaphor. This work will process the basic component of "time passing" into an evening length dance. Detaching further from narrative with each new moment of the dance, O'Connor searches for an organic statement concerning the grip of history on the human psyche and the inevitability of our deaths. The work is performed by his company, Hilary Clark, Erin Gerken, Heather Olson, Matthew Rogers and Christopher Williams and continues his career-long collaboration with lighting designer Brian MacDevitt and composer James Baker. BABY will premiere at Dance Theater Workshop in New York City in March 2006.
Matthew Rogers in Tere OíConnorís <EM>BABY</EM>
Matthew Rogers in Tere OíConnorís BABY


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